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Security Deposit Guidelines for Section 8 Tenants

1) The application has to be approved

2) after the application is approved we must receive the section 8 packet along with at least

half of the security deposit from the tenant

3) the packet will be filled out by the management company and returned to the tenant so

that the tenant can turn it into their caseworker

4) once the packet is turned into the caseworker it will be forwarded to the inspection department

and the inspection company will call the landlord or management to set up the inspection date

5) after the property has passed inspection the tenant must pay the remaining amount of

the security deposit that is due

6) once we collect the security deposit in full a move-in date is set up with the tenant to

sign the lease, get the key and take possession of the property.


Terms of the Security Deposit

Management will return the security deposit under the following circumstances

1) if the property cannot pass inspection the security deposit will be returned to

the tenant

2) if management or the owner decide to rent the property to someone else

The security deposit will not be returned if:

1) the tenant decides that they no longer want the property, after the packet has been turned in and approved by the caseworker

2) the tenant does not, will not, or refuses to sign or submit the appropriate paperwork

to facilitate them moving into the property

3) the tenant is approved to move in, the property has passed inspection, but the tenant never shows up to sign the lease and physically take possession of the property