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Management Services

Digital Photos

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"
Let your property rent itself by supplying potential tenants with a view of their "new home." Listing your property with photos will generate much more interest. Photo listings show up first when tenants search this web site for properties. We will list your property for free on our website

Section 8 Compliance Pre-Inspection
JBM Rentals will perform a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of the property to determine Housing Quality Standards (HQS) compliance. Give your property the best chance of passing inspection the first time around. Time is money and failing the inspection can cost you valuable time while you make modifications and wait for the inspector to come back out to your property.

Tenant Screening 
Our application fee is $40 this fee is usually paid by the applicant. We verify employment, check credit, and check rental history. Criminal backgrounds can be checked for an additional $20. We will make a professional recommendation to you regarding the credit worthiness of your applicant. However the owner makes the final decision on all potential applicants.

Eviction Services
We provide a complete eviction service that will save you time and money. We provide low cost complete professional eviction services. We charge just $50 an hour to represent the owner in court for an eviction proceeding. The homeowner must pay all court cost associated with the eviction process. This includes the filing of the dispossessory and the writ of possession. The courts now require that a moving crew of at least 4 people are present before the sheriff will execute the eviction process, our fee is $150. (This price is subject to change)

Many landlords never pursue unpaid rent from tenants who are evicted or just skip out of the premises. After we obtain a judgment in your favor, we will proceed with the garnishment of wages or other execution of your judgment, depending of the circumstances of your tenant. Our collection fee is on a contingency basis at the rate of 25% of the amount collected. We must collect money from your tenant, or you pay nothing.

Locating tenants for your property
Finding the ideal family requires an astute awareness of what makes a good resident. We will of course give our input as to why we believe a tenant is a good fit or not but in the end It is the investor’s/ owner’s responsibility to make the final decision on who will move into the unit. Housing authorities are not permitted to screen applicants. This is the responsibility of the investor/owner.

If we (JBM Rentals) locates a tenant for your property there will be a finders fee is $350.
(Please call for details on how this fee can be paid. 678 362-5894)
We can make the selection task much easier. Our job is to bring tenants and investors together. We help ‘bridge the gap’.