Frequently asked Questions

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JBM Rental Properties

How much does it cost to have JBM Property Management, LLC manage a property for a homeowner?  

Our fee is 8% of the rent collected from each occupied unit. If the unit is vacant the management fee is $25 per month up to 3 months. After 3 months the vacancy fee ends. During the vacancy period we will be showing your property and handing out applications.

Our tenant finder fee is a flat rate fee of $500, That amount is deducted from the 1st month's rent. Most management companies will charge you anywhere for 75% to 100% of the 1st month's rent.

Do we markup repair and maintenance services provided by our Employees or vendors? 

No. We do not markup or charge a handling fee on services provided by our employees or vendors.

Do we require a contract?

Yes, we do require a 12-month contract

Do we handle evictions?

Yes, we do handle evictions. We will file the paperwork with the courts and we will represent the owner in court.

Do we handle garnishments?

Yes, once we receive a judgment against a former tenant we will make an attempt to recover the owner’s rent.

Do we manage properties all over the state of Georgia?

No, we only manage properties in the Clayton, Fayette, Henry and some parts of Fulton County (Union City).

How and when does the owner get their rent? 

We issue payments around the 10th of the month. If the owner banks at a major banking institution (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, SunTrust, Chase…etc) we will deposit the rent directly into the owners account. If the owner does not have a bank account then we will request that the owner open an account with a major banking institution.

Do we work with all of the Housing Authorities in the state of Georgia?

No, currently we only work with the Housing Authority in Clayton, Fayette, Fulton Counties and DCA (Dept of Community Affairs)

I/We own a small property, can't we just manage everything ourselves? 

This is an option for every owner. The real question is whether the owners are willing to spend the 10-40 hours required each month to effectively manage the property. It’s easy to overlook everything that must be done to properly manage the property:

1. Collect and track rent payments for each tenant every month

2. Coordinate repair and maintenance services

3. Conduct pre-inspections

4. Coordinate Inspections with the housing authority

5. Respond to phone calls and correspondence from and to the tenants

6. Deposit monthly rent payments

7. Serve notices to tenants

8. File evictions

9. Going to court

10. Showing the property to potential tenants

11. Dealing with the utility companies

 There are many other professional services provided by JBM Rentals While it is possible to self-manage the end result can be undesirable. Often self-managed properties come to our firm for help after they have realized the time required. We can provide an affordable, value-added property management solution designed around your specific needs. We would love to add you to our growing clientele.